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Why Saltwater Travels?

As a Southern California native, I spent much of my childhood at the beach. It's where I feel most at peace. Today with work, and life's busyness, I'm not always able to stop to enjoy the view. I began asking myself, "Why is that, since it is the one place on earth that brings me the most joy?"   After all, I have always chosen to live by the coasts, whether in Southern California, San Francisco's Bay Area or in and around Boston. It wasn't until the pandemic hit that I began taking action.  I began this website as a way to document my beach travels. It was a way for me to enjoy the beach without actually being there. As the world opened up again, I found I was still interested in exploring beach towns online. So I kept creating while envisioning a website to help my land-locked friends (you know who you are!) enjoy life at the coasts. So, my friends, enjoy your day with Saltwater Travels. Choose Life!

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