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Join an initiative or volunteer

Getting involved is your first start to helping to save oceans and the animals who inhabit it. There are so many great organisations you can become involved with, depending on where your passions lie.  Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Eat sustainable Seafood

Sustainable fishing results in the recovery of fish stocks and their habitats since fish has been caught with the long-term future of the species in mind. Many sustainable fish varieties are high in protein, mineral and vitamins and contain lower amounts of Mercury, PCB's and contaminants. 

Reduce your Global Imprint

Reducing Energy Use - Burning Fossil Fuels is making our oceans more acidic. (Ride a bike, use high efficiency appliances, turn up thermostat a few degrees in summer, down a few degrees in winter.

Limit Plastic Products - Floating plastic resembles food to many animals which ends up in their digestive tract, causing blockages and starvation. (Use cloth grocery bags, metal, glass, or bamboo straws, reusable water bottles.)

Buy Ocean Friendly Products

Avoid products made through environmentally harmful methods such as cosmetics containing shark squalene or jewelry made from coral or turtle shells. 

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